Why do you need Training Watch?

  • Planning and budgeting of expenses related to employees training
  • Monitors the training activity
  • Document management
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • View the distribution of training courses on each employee ;
  • Evidence of the training background, personalized for each employee, as well as everything that the company has invested to perfect it;
  • Instantaneous display of the annual turnover achieved with each training supplier;


Cost mitigation must begin by reducing the investment in human resources.

The lack of investment in optimization tools triggers cost mitigation (The concept “we’ll make do with what we have”).

Senior employees no longer need training.


Companies will mitigate costs and increase profit. Human resource policy changes affect the profitability.

Companies consider people as their most important resource, therefore they must finance it accordingly. People are the resource with the highest investment return rate.

Learning is a permanent process and everybody has something to learn, all the time. An entire industry of business schools is built on this principle.


There are several desiderata to direct the usage of human resources to increase profitability:

  • 1. Well prepared and motivated employees – The best prepared people on the market are attracted by a salary package providing the perfect combination between the material side and the investment in their permanent training (short-term and long-term gains);
  • 2. A correct evaluation of staff costs – The investment in employees’ training cannot be made at any moment and in any way; costs cannot exceed work productivity; there must be no unbalance between training investments among various employees;
  • 3. Favorable contract with the training supplier and entrusting the training need to a specialist in the field.

With Training Management System, provided by Training Watch managers visualize the investment in the training of each employee, every year. This way, they may correlate the effort with the obtained results.